Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stalkers Day of Reckoning Has Come

I am the founder and President of Chihuahua Rescue and the Dog Angels.  From my nonprofit organizations, over five thousand dogs have been saved, rehabilitated and adopted out to wonderful homes.  
In August of 2002, I waged a war against Los Angeles County Animal Control to stop the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter from senselessly killing over two hundred Chihuahuas.  "Kimi Peck will get those Chihuahuas over my dead body," said Officer Eileen Hill.   Sorry,  Eileen, I won.  The Judge gave me the Chihuahuas and they all found wonderful homes!     
This wasn't the first time that I had to "fight the system" to save dogs from being euthanized at the LA City and County Animal Shelters.  The sick, the old, the broken and the biters were the dogs I rescued.  These were the dogs that the other so-called rescuers left behind because they wanted those perfect dogs that could be adopted out a few days later at Petco or Petsmart on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  I call them "dog brokers."  A true rescuer has many vets and spends a lot of money on vet bills.  My vet bills averaged between forty and fifty thousand dollars a year.  
If an animal shelter refused to accept my money for a sick or injured dog, I  called the Mayor's office.  I got the dogs but soon became an enemy of the Animal Control Departments. 
I was one of the people in charge of the voucher programs for Los Angeles.  Many dogs were spayed and neutered due to my efforts.

One of my attorneys was associated with an animal rights group that was placed on the "Domestic Terrorist List."  These are the animal rights activists who break into UCLA to save monkeys and rats from being experimented on.  These people burn down slaughter houses.  I applaud them but I'm not affiliated with them.  When the Burbank Animal Shelter began their attack against me, inspecting my kennel twice a day for two months, obviously trying to "build a case," I wondered if my name was put on this "Domestic Terrorist List."  I do admit to rescuing abused animals in the South Central LA.       

A few months after I won the case against the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter, I was falsely accused of impersonating an animal control officer by the Animal Control Departments. 
Until now, I have ignored the lies about me on the Internet.  I never read the "Hoarding Chihuahuas" website because I just thought it was silly.  My friends would quote things that these sick people wrote about me but I would just laugh and change the subject.  These people obviously have emotional problems and we should feel sorry for them.  Their accusations are so outrageous, it's funny!  

So, here's to those crazy people:  Let's have some fun!  Soon, everybody is going to know who you are and all about you.  The only difference is, it's going to be  the TRUTH

Here are some quotes from people who aren't afraid to hide and have lives away from a computer.  

"Kimi Peck's animals are all in excellent condition"
Lieutenant Bruce Speirs, Supervisor of Burbank Animal Control (retired)

"I'm sorry about what I have to do, Kimi, but I have to take orders from the top."
Lt. Bruce Speirs, Supervisor of Burbank Animal Control (retired) 

"The citations that we gave you are only small administrative issues"
Don't worry, Kimi.  After you move, I'll give a press conference and explain everything"
Lt. Bruce Speirs, Supervisor of Burbank Animal Control (retired)

"We know who Joan Rudd is.  WHO is Robin Berkenfeld?"
Lt. Bruce Speirs, Supervisor of Burbank Animal Control (retired)

Note:  Lt. Bruce Speirs renigged on his promise to tell the truth to the media and retired shortly after I left Burbank. 

The Burbank Animal Shelter was remodeled shortly after I left Burbank

Burbank Animal Control Officer Debby Beiter, who cited me for being unable produce three dog records that had "mysteriously" disappeared from our files, disappeared just like the three dog records.
She hasn't worked for Burbank Animal Control since I left, and if you ask any of the employees who still work there, they will tell you that they are not allowed to talk about Officer Debby Beiter

                                               One of Tufts University definitions of a Hoarder
A hoarder doesn't adopt out animals.  No one can take care of the animals better than they can.

Oops!  But I adopted out over 5,000 dogs!  

Captain Gordon Bowers of the Burbank Police Department ADOPTED TWO CHIHUAHUAS from me (CHIHUAHUA RESCUE)

Lt. Bruce Speirs neighbors ADOPTED TWO CHIHUAHUAS from me (CHIHUAHUA RESCUE)

The Director of Animal Planet ADOPTED a dog from me! (THE DOG ANGELS)

                                          Another definition of a Hoarder:  They don't have 

FIVE of my employees recently ADOPTED FIVE dogs from me! (THE DOG ANGELS)

My neighbor ADOPTED a dog from me 

                                          Hoarders don't have veterinarians

One of my FOUR vet's girlfriend ADOPTED a dog from me! (THE DOG ANGELS)
                                          Hoarders don't spay and neuter their animals

I was one of the people in charge of the spay and neuter program for Los Angeles. 
Not only are all of our animals spayed and neutered, I have had many of my neighbors dogs spayed and neutered at my own expense  

The fun is just beginning
Let's expose these culprits to the world.  Let's meet them.  Find out who they are and where they live.  Is someone paying them?  Or, are they just pathetic?  One thing is for certain.  They are liars.  They have committed LIBEL and they WILL BE SUED.

To the LIARS,
Everything you've ever written on the Internet is copied and we are in the process of finding out who each and every one of you is.

Good night Robin Berkenfeld  (Hoarding Chihuahuas)
Witnesses are ready to testify that you adopted a Chihuahua from me, went on many home checks with me to deliver dogs to their new owners and spent many days and nights taking dogs back and forth to vets.  You've been found by a PI  
Cancer comes from negative emotions
Cancer is hereditary

Sleep tight,  Jean Duval 
You adopted two dogs from me
Hatred consumes you
Hatred causes cancer

Don't let the bed bugs bite, Joan Rudd
You got a dog from me, saw employees working in my kennel, went on home checks with me and adopted some of my dogs out by yourself.
You filed a false police report against me
Your husband can't protect you from yourself

I feel sorry for all of you.  Hide you mirrors.